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Robin Birdd is an installation and conceptual artist from Oakland, California. She is also the creative director, founder of the collective Macro Waves. Tired of adulthood, where one's life typically consist of work, sleep, eat and repeat, Birdd continues her quest to transform physical spaces in the hopes of changing a person's day to day routine. Inspired by childhood memories of play, discovery and trauma, her work relies heavily on re-telling stories of the past, in order to understand the present and future. She utilizes large scale installation as a platform to create alternative experiences with an emphasis on human interaction. By using sensory stimulation through biofeedback apparatuses, interactive art and performance Birdd’s work is able to communicate through experience rather than observation. Birdd received her BA at San Francisco State University with an emphasis in Studio Art. Her last textile piece, The metamorphosis of the Butterfly-Snake was recently featured in Juxtapoz for the group show Lil Swim at the Luggage Store Gallery and her collective Macro Waves recent installation, Cortextual Voyager 3000 was featured in KQED's article "An Expanded Vision of Healing and Divine Black Femininity".  


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